What Jeremy Corbyn could mean for Anglo-German business ties (Deutsche Welle)

Creative Commons/Chris McAndrew/Wikimedia

Excerpt: Political upsets have carried on into 2017. The election of Emmanuel Macron in France, and his extraordinarily young party, was followed by the unexpected revival of a reportedly far-left Labour Party in the United Kingdom. As such, questions need to be asked about what Jeremy Corbyn, now the leader of a sizeable opposition and … Continue reading What Jeremy Corbyn could mean for Anglo-German business ties (Deutsche Welle)

International Growth: Beyond Brexit (Internet Retailing)

Excerpt: Burberry sells its trenchcoats and upmarket clothing to shoppers around the world, with strong demand from China. Whittard of Chelsea is selling tea to China, along with coffee and hot chocolate, while Waitrose is selling a range that includes the Prince of Wales’ Duchy Originals-brand biscuits into the same market, as well as to … Continue reading International Growth: Beyond Brexit (Internet Retailing)

The challenge of cross-border payments (SJP Media)

Excerpt: The payments providers market is in a state of flux - which might surprise those who thought ApplePay and AliPay would dominate. New technologies like advanced payment methods, processing terminals and data protection software each present new challenges for businesses that need to conform to the evolving demands of shoppers. To see the original … Continue reading The challenge of cross-border payments (SJP Media)