The challenge of cross-border payments (SJP Media)

Excerpt: The payments providers market is in a state of flux - which might surprise those who thought ApplePay and AliPay would dominate. New technologies like advanced payment methods, processing terminals and data protection software each present new challenges for businesses that need to conform to the evolving demands of shoppers. To see the original … Continue reading The challenge of cross-border payments (SJP Media)

No Uber of Banking (Business Life)

Excerpt: There's an ounce of social justice to the idea of disruption in the banking world. The sector is maligned as the most amoral (next to journalism), and there’s a hope that the incumbents will ‘get what they deserve’ and be overthrown by rosy-cheeked startups. To see the original article, download here. IMAGE CREDIT: Eluveitie

U.S., U.K. Need History Lesson on Fascism (The Advocate)

Excerpt: After World War II, it was said “never again.” This was never going to happen. Humans are belligerent; there is not a truce countries have made with one another that wasn’t broken. Now, the rise of populism puts minorities in danger. LGBT people have to remain aware of these shifting political winds, never to … Continue reading U.S., U.K. Need History Lesson on Fascism (The Advocate)

How Chuck Holmes Engineered Gay Beauty (The Advocate)

Excerpt: Besides the porn film, "the boy" was an innovation of Falcon Studios — specifically, of its earnest Midwestern founder, Chuck Holmes. He happened upon the formula for the perfect man, according to last year's documentary film, Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story, and it was this: blond feathery hair, hairless bodies, astonishing abs. It was … Continue reading How Chuck Holmes Engineered Gay Beauty (The Advocate)